Natural Stone Patios and Walkways in Utica NY

Natural Stone PatiosA patio or walkway made of natural stone can be a functional and beautiful addition to your backyard landscape.  If they are properly placed, they may last for generations.

You may choose from flagstone, uncut stones, or paving stones. Each type of stone creates an entirely different outdoor floor.

Choosing The Right Material For Natural Stone Patios and Walkways

Flagstones – are natural hard stones which are broken or fractured into broad, flat sections. Good flagstone is extremely hard and smooth. You can see the quality of flagstone by looking at the edge. If the edges crumble easily it’s an indication of poor quality. Flagstones can be made of slate, limestone and stand stone. Marble flagstone is used for very high end projects.

Naturally shaped stones – Old fashioned cobble stone paths use whole, naturally shaped stones. This creates a nostalgic look, but the path may be slightly uneven or bumpy. Remember the smaller the stone, the more even the path or floor. Small rock combinations like Mexican pebble and salmon stone can create a dynamic multicolored design.

Pavers – Manufactured paving stones with simulated stone veneer can achieve the look of natural stone for an affordable price. They are available in many fun shapes and sizes. Paving stones can be square, round, and every shape in between. Since colors and dyes can be added to pavers, there is a wide range of colors.

Brick – No list of stone paths would be complete without mentioning clay masonry brick.

Natural stone, paver stone, and brick patios and floors can be laid tightly to inhibit the growth of grass and plants between the cracks, however some stones are laid so grass can natural integrate into the cracks to create a natural appearance.

We will work with you to survey your entire property before helping you choose a particular color or variety of stone. Keep other features such as a stone wall, driveway, or fire pit in mind so each element compliments and does not detract from the other.

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