Outdoor Lighting Design for Landscaping in Utica NY

Our lighting designers approach each home as a blank canvas, drinking in the architectural details, landscape highlights and open spaces before crafting a lighting design that draws attention to the best aspects of all. The results reflect your desires–from creating a welcoming space for play, to announcing the majestic façade of your distinctive home.

Less energy usage, less glare, less razzle–and more dazzle

outdoor lighting utica nyAs experienced lighting designers, we believe that less is more. In our installations, you won’t find many high-wattage lampposts (which can cause eye-irritating glare and produce inferior aesthetic results).

Instead, we favor subtle lighting with less obtrusive fixtures. Multiple low-voltage lights can illuminate an area better than a pole light can–and with so much more panache. You’ll not only have far more attractive, better functioning light, you’ll enjoy lower energy bills.

It’s not about the fixtures–it’s about the effect

When the sun goes down, light and shadow become the most important design elements. Outdoor lighting design should define space, direct the eyes, soothe emotions, and invite you in. Light gives us security and functionality while creating shadow to bring out definition. The simple textured surface of a stonewall during the day, can become a work of art when mixed with light and shadow at night. Let us show you how outdoor lighting will provide a whole new dimension and use of your existing landscape and hardscape investment.

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